Cosmetics from China wholesale, directly from the manufacturer

Chinese cosmetics Lifting, Lantana, Beauty Host, Sadoer, Bioaoua, Zozu, Zhidou, Ebug is natural, produced using natural ingredients such as ginseng extract, snail mucin, hyaluronic acid and a variety of medicinal plants.

We work directly with the factory in China, so we offer good conditions and the lowest prices! 

We provide for your convenience a price list with a large selection of cosmetics, with product categories and photos, product description and wholesale prices.

We will be glad to cooperate!

Benefits of building your business with us

Convenient price list
The lowest prices for cosmetics
Our managers speak different languages
We work directly with the factory, without intermediaries
Assistance in the selection of assortment
Fast delivery to your country
Product check and report before shipment to your country
Low shipping prices
We provide certificates for cosmetics

How to make an order

1 Contact us on whatsapp:
and we will send you a price list
2 Select a product from the catalog (write down category and product number)
3 Download and fill out the document with product categories, or a specialist will do it for you
4 Send the completed order document to us
5 We will calculate the order and send it to you for confirmation
6 Next, pay in RMB or in the currency of your country
7 We form an order at the factory, check and ship

Price list

For your convenience, we provide a price list with a large selection of cosmetics, with product categories and photos, product descriptions and wholesale prices (the price is in RMB)

Questions all questions

We redeem, check your order and prepare for shipment within 5 working days.

Be sure to insure your cargo, in case of damage, loss or confiscation of the goods, the cost of the goods is reimbursed by 100%.
We are responsible for the delivery of the cargo and its integrity.
We carefully check and pack the goods before shipment in China.

All certificates for cosmetics are in accordance with China standards

Payment can be made to the Chinese account of the company, or to the Russian account

Delivery cost - from 2$ per kg
The cost of delivery includes the services of customs clearance of goods.

Delivery to Russia - from 12 to 20 days

We send cosmetics from the manufacturer's factory, China, Guangzhou city.

Do you have any questions?
We will try to answer you as soon as possible!